A little about me…

I help people & I create stuff. It's much easier to explain my work this way than to, actually, figure out how to describe what I do. LOL!

Just for you, though, I'm gonna try to explain. *fingers crossed*

My husband and I own (or maybe they own us) a few businesses, and we've been known to help others get the ball rolling, too.

Business, today, is different than when I was growing up in the 80s. Computers and the interweb changed the world. I grew up at the right time because these things were just picking up when I entered high school in the 90s. (Remember AOL dial-up? Wow!) I quickly picked up typing, Windows, and the Internet. From that point, there was no going back. I was hooked on all things computer and Internet, and I still am.

Im pretty much an online queen-of-all-trades. Its not easily explained, other than to say that a lot of what Im able to do is sheer gifting, but all of what I do is skill. I dont take what I do lightly, especially since Im helping others grow their businesses. So, though I have certain talents that come easily to me, I still work on perfecting them. I think Im worth the investment. I think youre worth the investment, too.

Oh, yeah. Im also a wife and mother. (I mentioned that I work with my husband. I also do a lot of his PR stuff, which is no easy task. Hes everywhere!) Wife and mother are, certainly, not afterthoughts. They are the most enjoyable and frustrating positions in my life. (Hey. I tell the truth - its kinda my thing - blunt honesty.) Sometimes being an entrepreneur along with being a wife and mother is tough. Sometimes being an entrepreneur with an entrepreneur husband is exciting, tough, and scary, all at once. Always - without question, though, being an entrepreneur with my husband and kids is my life and my love. So

thats me, summed up in a not-so-short, but not too long (or agonizing - I hope) story.

"Never give up on the greatness for which you were created, never try to hide your uniqueness, and never feel you cannot do what you believe you were made to do."