Facebook, Rainbows & Trump

Related imageI started to post this on Facebook after I saw a moving video of Patti LaBelle performing “Somewhere over the Rainbow,” but I didn’t want to sour the sentiment. So, I started writing another post, which started to get long, so I scratched the FB post altogether. Now, I’m here. That being said… here goes…


…about America, presidents, & haters:

As an American, I’m proud of what’s been accomplished [overall, throughout 44], but I’m not naive. I understand that, for any leader to succeed he/she must be surrounded by great people who are capable of leading, as well. Obama didn’t do it alone, and it takes a real leader to understand that it can’t be done alone. He had the good sense to surround himself with other intelligent people (starting long before he thought about running for president – with the decision he made to marry Michelle; & yes, she made a great choice, too).

To the haters, I appreciate ALL past presidents. I appreciate them b/c they weren’t perfect, but they tried. No matter what their political position – they tried…and long before they entered the White House. In my lifetime, this is the first president (Trump) who hasn’t tried serving in other capacities before obtaining the most powerful position in the world. THAT is my qualm with the whole thing.

As public SERVANTS, there has to be some part of you (whether you, sometimes, forget it or not – act like it or not) that has the common good of all humankind at the heart of making decisions; genuinely wanting to better the world.


How I Really Feel about President Trump

Does Trump deserve a chance to prove that he can take the lead with integrity, grace, servitude, and humility? Yes. Do I pray to God that he grows into a political dynamo who does more good than bad? Yes.

If he can, as others have, say that he’s honestly for the people & prove it by making decisions based upon what may be the best course of action for all, that’s all anyone can ask. Money, alone, will not help him, and neither will sarcasm or locker room banter.


Here’s My Challenge to President Trump

►Prove your intelligence concerning world affairs and democracy (whether by your choices of those with whom you surround yourself, or through your individual discussions & decisions). Quick wit and business jargon won’t save you in this position. This is NOT like business. You have to, actually, work to put your personal needs last. Can you do this?

►Prove your growth by not humiliating others for gain, anymore (i.e. “You’re fired!”). If you humiliate the wrong person, we’re in serious trouble. Practice tactfulness, think before you speak, and then, consider the needs of others before you consider what you’ll [personally] gain from a situation.

►Prove that you really want to keep America moving forward; becoming greater. (Though, America’s always been great. Don’t believe me? Ask the people living in huts in Djibouti, or some other destitute locationOr, just take a look at your bank account OR those tax records you didn’t want to share. ;-))


I Can Handle the Truth & that Truth Is:

You, Mr. Trump, are my President [now] and I have no problems saying that, living with that, or believing in that. Additionally, as an American citizen (race, human – status, American sans African (I’ve never been there …and the two people I know from anywhere in Africa are white. LOL! 1) Dave Matthews 2) Charlize Theron.)) I’m well within my rights to demand that you be a good servant – to God, America, & the world. Use the resources & people around you who can guide you and then, work on diplomacy. We don’t need a smooth, businessman, but we do need a political humanitarian. No, you’re not on trial, but you are being watched.

I believe he’s intelligent. I believe that he can mold himself into a great leader and do a lot of good for this country.

Today, we created a government that is once again of, by and for the people.

Thank you, America. I will not let you down. I will always be your voice. I will always be your champion. Now it’s time to get to work – to unite, to prosper, to become stronger. Together, I have no doubt we have taken the first step…

…from the homepage of Donald J. Trump.

How can I be so open to President Trump and still hopeful for our future?

Easy. G.O.D.

I don’t pray for hours on end, either. (That’s crazy, to me.) When I have prayed about this specific concern, I thank God for presenting an opportunity to the Trumps – an opportunity for them to prove the naysayers wrong and to prove that God is mighty and can do anything; change anything or any person. I also thank Him for giving us an opportunity to show the world that we can [and I’m hopeful that we will] get passed the hate that came about during this election season. Then, I end with something like, “I know You’ve got it, Pops, so I’m good. Thank You. Amen. P.s. Help me to continue building my faith b/c I need it strong like bull.”


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