Ministry is WHO you are, not WHERE you are!

Go to the site and play book of dead online free at our casino. Enjoy youself and win! This has been on my mind a lot lately. I guess, maybe, because I feel like people are missing the bigger picture. Yes, there is a bigger picture.

**DISCLAIMER:  I’m not a pastor, minister, or ordained anything; but I am a Christian and I know how to read and I know what God says to me. So, I’m just sharing my take on ministry. If you disagree, you’re entitled. Just don’t take it out on other Christians, Jesus, or God. They love you & so do I. :-)**

What Brought about This Topic?

I “talk” much better with my hands, but I actually ‘scoped about this on Sunday. However, it was such a ramblin’ mess, I doubt it was followed too well. (Though, I did reach a huge amount of live viewers. Like, more than I’ve ever reached… like 500+! I know, right!?!) Anyway, I’ll keep it short and to the point.

I shared that I might not be going to church that Sunday because I had work to do. I was sharing that, because so many people get caught up in church for the wrong reasons. They believe that church is the only place ministry can happen; or the only place where ministry really matters. They don’t feel important unless they’re working in the church, or doing something for the pastor and whatnot. The truth is, ministry has nothing to do with the building we call church; and it’s not solely defined by the tasks we do. Ministry is who you are. Ministry is your representation of Christ through the actions of your life. The best offer for gamblers owocowki gry za darmo. Come on. Increased chance of winning!

I’m a wife, mother, daughter, sister, and aunt. I am also a friend, an author, an entrepreneur, a manager, a boss, a co-host (sometimes), a goofball, a funny girl, a tech chic. Yes, I do a lot of things. If my ministry was only inside the four walls of the church, I wouldn’t reach nearly as many people as I do. Furthermore, I wouldn’t have much impact on the world, period. Recognizing that my ministry is felt, observed, and needed outside of the church is one of the kewlest things I’ve come to understand. I do ministry everywhere!

Your Entire Life is Ministry

It will change your whole perspective on what ministry and church are – when you begin to think of your entire life as a ministry. Everything you do, someone is watching (and I’m not referring just to God). People observe you. People want to emulate things you do. Somebody wants to be just like you. (Ever watch your kids and their mannerisms? From whom do you think they got them? Uh, huh!) As scripted as it may sound, you will be the only Jesus some people ever see; the only Bible some people ever “read.” And, that has nothing to do with the church building.

People should notice your goodness [that comes from His greatness] by watching the things you do and the way you treat others. You shouldn’t have to go around professing that you’re a Christian. Others should automatically notice a glow and a joy within you that can’t be contained. I don’t walk around shouting that I’m a Christian. I don’t need to do that, because I already know that I am. I have no intention of beating others over the head with it either. I let my actions show that I’m a Christian. Then, when the right time presents itself, I share a little more and a little more.

Perfection is Not a Requirement

My ministry is at home. It’s at the grocery store. I’m doing ministry online when I’m liking, commenting, and sharing. My ministry is working at home, or conducting interviews. Ministry is everything I do. When I’m at home, I want to be the best wife and mother that I can. Do I fail sometimes? Do I get cranky and act up sometimes? LOL! You bet! Still, I know my purpose and I strive to be the best even when I mess up. I have to regroup, apologize – if need be – and keep trying. It doesn’t mean my ministry’s a sham or invaluable. My screw ups only mean that I’m human and I make mistakes. Those mistakes? They’re part of my ministry, too. How do you think testimonies are made?

You don’t have to “search” for an opportunity to do ministry. You just have to be willing to love people and help people and your ministry will develop on its own. Pay for the coffee of the stranger behind you in line and don’t expect anything in return. Tell your teacher, ‘thank you,’ or do your chores at home without givin’ your parents any flack. Tell your husband he’s awesome (and mean it), or tell your wife what she means to you. Thank your mail carrier and your sanitation workers. Just. Be. Nice!

Your ministry is YOU!


  1. Jean, first let me say thank you for sharing your heart and your perspective on “Ministry”. I must agree with you. I believe many have become stuck in a rut by thinking that ministry should be behind the four walls of a building. The fact of the matter is that the church is us, we, you, me inside and outside of the building. Everything you have said is right on point. When we gather together in the building, it is where we get part of the fuel to go out and do ministry. The other half is on us. I think some think ministry can only be done a certain way or look a certain. Again you point out what ministry us in our everyday lives. Some think you have to be in the spotlight to do ministry. Not so. Ministry does not have to be in the spotlight unless God shines his stamp of approval on it and brings before people. Ministry is those behind the scenes, low key, things we the church should be doing when recognition is not what the church should be after. The true ministry that is done should put a smile on God’s face and on his heart. This what the true church has been called to do but somewhere along the way many have lost this perspective. Thank you Jean again for this and all that you do behind the scenes and in front of the life camera. I just had to share my thoughts.

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