So, Why Do It, Then?
Stop being miserable. Start being happy.

“So, Why Do It, Then?” Is what I find myself asking…of myself. Why do anything that I don’t really wanna do? How in the world can we expect people to be themselves, if we don’t encourage their happiness? The two go hand-and-hand, and I don’t see how one could succeed without the other; at least, some of the other part.

Think about this:

If we could be who we really are, wouldn't we be happier? Click To Tweet Or, would there be pure chaos? I don’t know, one way or the other, but the question’s out there, now. Feel free to chime in & let me know what you think.


So, Why Do What, Then?

Oh, yeah! I was explaining that I was asking myself the question:  “So, Why do it, then?” Though, I didn’t tell you what “it” was. LOL! Okay.

It. Well, it is…anything; anything blocking your happiness; anyone making you sad; something stressin’ you out, or someone getting on your nerves…. It is anything.

“Anything” [in this particular instance, for me] was writing. Not writing as myself – like this, but writing to (hopefully) make some money. I wrote one, super short, ebook. …crickets… It’s an okay read, I guess. I wrote it in one day, because I woke up one morning and God told me to write it. So, I did.


for the Love of Money

1 Timothy 6:10Of course, it got old – fast. I took something that I enjoyed doing and manipulated it. I forced it into a space in which it had no interest. Writing wasn’t looking to make money. It was just trying to be a friend, and what did I do? I took it for granted – being a decent writer [self-proclaimed “word nerd,” and grammar police], and it slowly became something I just didn’t want to do anymore.

So, I wasn’t happy.

Why…why wasn’t I happy?

I wasn’t happy because I wasn’t being myself. I took something I liked to do – just writing for fun, for myself or whomever may stumble upon it – and, instead, used to make money – dealing with others’ rules, instructions, topics…all that. Yeah. It sucked. It does suck. It will always suck. Lol!

Well, until a few minutes ago when I realized something that makes it suck a little less. *giggle* If I’m not happy doing some of the work I’m doing, it’s my fault. I’m the one choosing to continue working, and if I don’t wanna do it, I can quit. Why suffer? I mean…. Yes, there are responsibilities that can’t be overlooked, but outside of those things [bills, necessities…] – why in the world would I continue doing something that makes miserable?

I mean, seriously, why do something I don’t wanna do?

Ask yourself the same question. “Why am I doing something I don’t really wanna do?”

So, why…do….it? Stop it!

Image result for happinessDo you remember anything you liked doing before there were things you had to do? What made you happy? What would you do for hours on end without complaint, because you were just so happy doing it?

Do more of that. Be yourself. Be true to yourself. Be honest with yourself.

This leads to happiness.


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  1. Jean, what a great simple, thought out read that speaks volumes on so many levels. There are so many others like yourself that in this very state of unhappiness. Their wondering why they’re not enjoying their best lives. I think many just are a little fearful of letting go of that “it” that brings or gives them unhappiness. You brought some good questions to the table for others to ask themselves. Can’t wait for your next write.

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